man in suit holding sign that says NOAnyone of the top network marketers can give you a novel’s worth of excuses they have heard when being told “NO” over the years. It doesn’t matter if you are with Visalus or any other company…you’ve heard plenty of excuses.

Here’s a good one…

“I’m interested but I have to know everything about it first. I need to study everything before I can start promoting. I don’t want to look stupid!”

Visalus creates these life-changing events for people because anybody can do it. If you really want to know why people say no, watch the video or scroll down below for the text.

Why People Say NO

I’m going to let you in on a secret about why people actually say no and what they actually mean when they say it.

They don’t believe they can do what you’re doing and can’t see themselves doing it.


It’s because you’re too damn smart! One thing that I learned is that the dumber that I got, the more money I made.

It sounds crazy but it’s true.

It all comes down to the prospects you talk to and when they look at what you do and ask themselves this one question…

“Can I do it?”

You will scare off your prospects if you start rattling on about how smart you are because of all the years you spent studying health, fitness and the Visalus shakes. They are going to look at you and say, “Are you crazy? There is no way I’m going to learn all that information. Of course you’re doing well, you just went and got a degree in medicine to figure this all out!”

Stop Selling & Start Challenging

The most beautiful thing about Visalus is that we’ve got a program that enables you to earn and learn at the same time.

Stop being a salesperson and become a challenge person.

The top network marketers in Visalus don’t sell the product. All we do is promote a challenge because there is nothing to sell. All we do is share stories.

Stories sell, facts tell.

You are going to hear some really crazy and bizarre excuses but you just have to get used to it and get over it.

“No one showed up to my challenge party. I can’t do this.”

Who the heck cares? Here’s a quarter, go call someone.

Guess what…7 people showed up to my first challenge party and I wish nobody had showed up after the experience.

How many do you think signed up?


I booked a few more challenge parties and had 1 or 2 people show up to each of them. I finally got pissed off enough to make a list of 200 people. I called 100 of them and had 44 people show up between the group we put together. We hit Ambassador in 45 days, 5-Star in 9 months and Crown Ambassador in 15 months.

It all came from that action. Who cares if someone didn’t show up to your challenge party. Here’s a great idea…do another one. Call more people.

One of the most important philosophies I can share with you is that a compass is more important than a watch. Don’t look at this like a race. This is not a race!

Yes, we (Visalus) are the fastest growing company in North America and direct seller in history…but this is your business to change your life.

Don’t ever look at this as a race.

It’s not about the failures you’ve had. The journey is the destination.

Now go get moving!