visalusAll of the top network marketers in Visalus will tell you first hand that there is a mile long list of excuses that you will come across on your path to success.

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What I often find interesting is how it doesn’t really matter what you are selling, it seems that the excuses are usually the same. Before I started with Visalus I might have been guilty for telling a few myself…

What are these myths and lies we tell ourselves? Why do we do it?

“A myth is an unproven or false belief used to justify a situation or behavior – a damn LIE” – Jason O’Toole

These excuses are false beliefs that we sell ourselves to justify quitting…and that’s just sad. Sometimes we have excuses that come up and we use them just so we can convince ourselves that we tried.

If we really want to try and go after something then there is no challenge or obstacle that will stop us from getting it done. Are you committed to breaking through or breaking down?

Here are a few of my favorite myths…

“Well, I would love to do the business but I just don’t know anyone.”

You don’t know anyone? Really?

I don’t care if you’ve been locked and stuffed in a closet for 20 years. You at least know the person that locked you in there and the person that let you out!

If that’s your excuse and your justification as to why you don’t have to try, I’m okay with that as long as you know it’s just your excuse.

It’s a myth…everyone knows someone.

There are 330 million people in the USA and 33 million in Canada…this year alone we are enrolling over 1 million people in the Body By Vi challenge with Visalus.

If you don’t know anybody, go and meet some people! Stop watching TV, stop doing things that make you a hermit and go out and start being more social.

That’s really all we do with Visalus. We get social, have fun with what we do, we go out and meet people, talk to them and teach them to do the same. That’s really it!

When You Run Out Of People To Talk To

I just had one of my National Directors approach me recently saying that he ran out of people to talk to. So what should you do when you run out of people to talk to?

It’s time to go and meet some more people!

It sounds fairly logical but I find many people still manage to get stumped and don’t know where to look. They feel awkward thinking they have to start approaching random strangers in the park or out in public but it’s actually much easier than that.

  1. Go to Google
  2. Enter your city name followed by “networking events” (eg. Toronto networking events)
  3. Scroll through results and start finding events to attend

This is one of the things that I’ve always done. Once I’ve found a networking event, I go out and get active in the community. You need to make it a point to get active in the community and to meet new people.

Here’s another great myth…

“I just don’t have the time.”

Oh ya, what are you doing tonight? Watching American Idol.

It’s not that you don’t have the time or that you don’t know anybody.

Basically what you’re saying is that:

  • You don’t believe enough in what we’re doing
  • You don’t believe in the products
  • You don’t believe enough in the opportunity
  • You don’t believe enough in the company
  • You don’t believe in yourself

If you have passion for what you do and believe in what you do…I guarantee that you will find a way.

“If it’s not important, you’ll find an excuse. If it is important, you’ll find a way.” – Ryan Blair

You can do whatever you want but unless you’re doing what you love, you won’t be able to get passionate behind it and you’re not going to find the time to do it.

You can work the Visalus business 7 hours a week. As long as you commit those 7 hours a week, you’re going to do extremely well.

Too often I hear people come up to me and say, “Jason, I have to go ALL IN. I’m not the type of person that can just do a little bit of it. If I’m going to do something, I’ve got to do it 100%.”

Have you heard this before?

That doesn’t even make any sense. I don’t want you to commit 100% of your time. You can build this business from home part-time and that’s the most beautiful thing that we have in Visalus.

You shouldn’t commit 100% of your time! You should only commit the amount of time you are able to commit…whether that’s 7, 20 or even 5 hours a week…I really don’t care.

What I do care about is that you commit to giving 100% to those 7 hours a week or 100% of those 20 hours…whichever you choose. You’re NEVER going to have all the time in the world so get over it.

Find whatever amount of time you can dedicate and put in 100% when you do it. That’s what matters.