visalusBefore we found Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge, my wife and I had gone through some major up’s and down’s in our life. It wasn’t until we took a look at our belief system before we could actually change those things we had that were wrong in our lives.

Beliefs are nothing more than a collection of similar ideas and thoughts. If you get enough of those thoughts, you’ll eventually be able to develop that belief system.

A belief system is the most powerful rooted cause someone can have. If you believe in something, is it more or less likely that you will achieve that goal?

It’s more likely.

Belief systems are extremely powerful. If you believe something, will you take more or less action?


If you hear something enough times, you’ll eventually start to believe it. Your beliefs dictate your actions and your actions will ultimately dictate your results.


We’ve All Made Excuses

We’ve all heard or made excuses for our own lack of success. A few of these probably look familiar:

  1. I can’t because…
  2. I shouldn’t because….
  3. Well I can’t do that, that’s absolutely silly
  4. I can’t get to the event, you’ve got to be crazy!
  5. You’ve got to be kidding me, that event is an hour away!

Excuses will come from anybody for a thousand different reasons. You’ve probably had a few challenges before you were able to take your business to the next level but we still hear those excuses all the time.

We’re constantly surrounded by all the noise, negativity and doubt. That’s one of the things that make attending Visalus events so powerful because hundreds and thousands of people with similar goals and the same mentality in life surround you. By being around them you already feel more inspired and have a little more belief in what we’re doing here at Visalus.

Stop Playing The Inner Victim Game

The biggest thing I used to fall back before I became a millionaire was playing the inner-victim game. One of my favorite excuses was to say I didn’t have any money because our taxes are too high.

Because we all know that’s the only reason…if our taxes were lower, I would have been a millionaire by 21! It’s not my fault the government needs all my money.

That is called being a professional victim.

Do you ever have those friends where everything seems to go wrong with them? I mean someone that always seems to have “bad luck”. Every single situation comes back to how the world is conspiring against them but they never take ownership over the situation.

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you know EXACTLY why this happens! Your thoughts and beliefs are like a magnet for your results. Be careful what you make of them.

“But There’s Nobody Left To Talk To!”

Have you ever heard another Visalus promoter say that there is nobody left to talk to? We were at an Ambassador meeting and Nick Sarnicola looks at the security guard and asks him if he’s ever heard of the Body By Vi Challenge.

What do you think he answered? NO!

Is saying there is nobody left to talk to an excuse? You can come up with an excuse for everything. People will come up 9 times out of 10 to support an action that they don’t want to do. Do you want to be that person?

Don’t write the end of your own story before it’s even begun. You deserve more than that.

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