top network marketersOne thing that I know to be true and that is top network marketers are always learning and seeing new ideas and network marketing tips that will help them to continue to grow.

Surely, there are a lot of tips out there to remember but each top network marketer has their own secret to success. Although people have different styles, skills and personalities I have found that the top earners in network marketing all have many things in common.

Top 7 Traits That Top Network Marketers Possess

1. Commitment

Top network marketers have a commitment in them to succeed. They believe that “trying” is not enough, they do the job with a commitment to success. That means they are open to whatever outcome they get from their business endeavors – good or bad – and they act on it. They do not stop when they fail, they move forward reaching and exceeding their goals.

2. Trainable

Top network marketers are willing to learn the ropes to get to the top. They are trainable and coachable to the techniques of how to run a successful network marketing business. They are willing to follow proven systems rather than try to reinvent the wheel all the time.

They are aware that by reinventing the process it will only complicate things and limit their success. They emulate the successful leaders before them and duplicate the process. This is such a simple network marketing tip that any aspiring network marketer needs to know.

3. Optimistic

Top network marketers have the skill of shifting their mind from a negative to a positive. They are optimistic individuals with a drive to succeed. They think positive with an upbeat attitude and continuously believe that they can achieve their goal. They respond to negativity with a good attitude and come up with ways overcome any challenges or problems.

4. Teacher

Top network marketers are teachers. They are mentors in their own right and they share their wisdom to others who are interested to learn how to earn extra money. They lead by example and are truly interested in helping others succeed.

We are teachers but not in how you think.  We teach by doing.  An although
mentors in our own right, we share wisdom to those who are willing to run
with us, in other words those who put the advice into play.

Let me teach you not by the tongue in my mouth but that in my shoe is our slogan.  I
don’t do much teaching, those that want what we have don’t ask many questions, they just run along side mimicking and cloning our every word.

5. Imperfection

There is no such thing as perfection and the same thing goes in network marketing. Top network marketers accept the fact that they are not perfect and perfection does not really exist in business. Instead they focus on their strengths and understand that when mistakes are made they are learning opportunities.

6. Relationship Focused

Top network marketers build and foster good relationships as they understand that this is completely a relationship business. They get out regular, attend events, meet new people and build relationships. They never miss an opportunity to meet a  new group of people.

7. Patient

Top network marketers understand that patience is a virtue in this industry. They know that many of their top performers took 3-6 months to come on board and they stayed pleasantly persistent without putting on too much pressure. They are aware that many great prospects will not say ‘Yes’ at the first time. Patience is key in this business and a valuable network marketing tip to consider.

What other traits have you noticed that top network marketers possess? If you are not in network marketing and possess the traits above, you may have found a great new opportunity for yourself.