top network marketersIf you ask any of the top network marketers in Visalus, you will often hear us talking about closing our month. What I’m about to tell you will help you make more than you’ve been making in a month…every single week.

The secret is these three little words: FIND YOUR URGENCY!

If there is no rush, why bother? That’s what your prospects are thinking!

Becoming one of the top network marketers in the industry is all about urgency. Period. The reason why I’ve managed to get explosive growth every single month is by finding and building that sense of urgency. Contests are really effective for this reason. When you have 72 hours to figure something out, you don’t have time to sit around, yet somehow you pull it off.

Building Urgency Starts With You

You must possess the same sense of urgency you want to pass on to your prospects to be successful. If you meet someone new that is interested in Visalus, don’t wait 4 days to call them and another two weeks to setup a challenge party. Start making things happen the next day, not next month!

This business runs on urgency.

Make every day the perfect day to sign up new people to your team so they have no reason not to get the ball rolling immediately. This is why top network marketers at Visalus are always pumping up the contests, incentive programs and aggressively help their newcomers make their initial investment back within the next 7 days.

If there is no urgency, why bother?

If you focused more on building that sense of urgency, your business would grow 10 times faster. In fact, it’s much easier to build your Visalus business fast rather than slow. It’s fun to build it fast…it’s like banging your head off the walls to build it slow.

I’ll give you an example. When I first got started, I made about 10 calls and I had 7 people show up to my first challenge party and nobody signed up. It sucked and it wasn’t fun. I got off that challenge party, made a list of 200 people, made 100 phone calls and had 44 people show up…that was a lot of fun.

Here’s the amazing part – when that sense of urgency built in the room, it began to duplicate until the whole room was electric.

When you lead with massive action through a sense of urgency, then your team will do the same. Find your sense of urgency and figure out what it is so you can get that spark inside of you.

Watch the video below for my special secret on running a 60-day cycle to (at least) double your success like the top network marketers in the business.