ID-10012179We can accomplish anything in life and although things with Visalus are more exciting than ever, it’s not about what we’re doing now. It’s about what we’re going to do in the future.

I want to give you some back story into the mindset that you need to make it like every Visalus millionaire that has raised through the ranks to success. I’m going to share that one thing that will drive your momentum forward like a speeding bullet.

There is only one thing that has given every Visalus millionaire the power to accomplish what they have done. One thing.

Imagine if you couldn’t lose. Would you play the game?

The one consistent factor I’ve seen in all successful people is that they write their own story. If you want a ticket to be a millionaire, you need a story. Stories are an incredibly powerful thing and every successful person has one.

If they accomplish something new, if they failed at something…they write a new story. They continue to reinvent and re-energize themselves and use that fuel to get whatever it is that they want in life.

visalusIn my opinion, the one power that each and every one of us has is the ability to write and craft our own story. A story is essentially anything that we want it to be. If we decided that we were going to be able to accomplish something in life, we would create a supporting story to get there. But others might create a story as to why it can’t be done and why they won’t get there.

At one point in history it was thought that no human could run a mile in 4 minutes. There was story after story dictating why it could not be accomplished; medical facts studying the human physiology as to why it couldn’t be done.

However, as soon as Roger Bannister did it, people began to shift their beliefs and the one thing that had to shift was that it could be accomplished. People all over the world began completing the 4 minute mile and just yesterday there was an article about a 22 year old being the first Alaskan to beat the record.

It’s all a story. You can either sell yourself that you can or you can sell yourself that you can’t do it. Don’t disempower yourself by selling yourself on a story that doesn’t match your desires.

Visalus: Vitality In Orlando

As I write this I’m in Orlando about to go to Disneyland and getting hyped for the first day of Vitality tomorrow. If you’re reading this today (July 18, 2013), do everything you can to get to Orlando RIGHT NOW. I wouldn’t say this event is so amazing if I haven’t seen it change people’s lives with my own eyes. 

I should know. I still remember the electricity in the room when there was only 400 people. With 12,000 people, we’re packing that place like it’s a KISS concert. 

The time is NOW! Go buy that plane ticket or jump in your car and come join us. You will not regret it. visalus events