Bucket listSo many of us talk about creating a bucket list, but what I’ve learned you need to create a live list. Your live list is exactly what you want to accomplish in your life. By writing down the specific things you want to achieve and also the things you want to enjoy from your accomplishments they become real for you.

Here’s how to create your LIVE LIST:

  • Decide exactly what it is that you want to be, do and have – THINK BIG!
  • Create a specific action plan of the steps you need to take to achieve each item
  • Take immediate action with it and follow the plan you’ve set to achieve your goals

My live list includes both personal and professional goals as well as things I want to reward myself for achieving success. Include crazy and fun things that you really want to experience. By doing this you will be that much more motivated to achieve your professional goals so you can afford them.

Breaking it down:

  • Have your list of all of the crazy and fun things you want to do
  • Each month set aside 3-5% of your income (or more if possible)
  • Use that money and just have fun
  • Next month – repeat again

If you are going to work hard then you must reward yourself so that you actually enjoy the fruits of you labor. This will keep you focused on getting to the next reward, and the next one!

Create your LIVE LIST and go out there and do something that you’ve always wanted to do. Think BIG DREAMS, don’t cut yourself short, and most importantly, go and do it today.

Have a lot of fun with this and post the first thing you’ve added to your LIVE LIST below in the comments!