jason7We all need a powerful mantra to live by that helps drive us during the times we aren’t feeling as strong. Every one of the top network marketers that I have personally met will testify to this. Psychology Today and even several peer-reviewed studies have testified to the power of positive self-talk, whether it’s to help you win a race or seize the day.

Saying a few empowering words out loud might not sound like much, but I guarantee you that every one of the world’s biggest success stories have some mantra of their own.

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Top Network Marketers Live By A Mantra

My mantra came after a breakthrough moment I had when listening to Tony Robbins speak. Ever since the moment I’ve heard it I have lived my life by it. Before I tell you what it is, I want you to imagine something for a second…

Pretend that you’re about to make a call to your aunt. You know, that aunt that was in Amway back in 1962 and really, really doesn’t like anything to do with network marketing. She thinks she’s been there, done that and knows they are all a scam. You know these people and will come across these people from time to time.

Before you make that call, I want you to say this mantra out loud. This is the exact mantra I’ve lived my life by since the day I heard it, so say it with 100% of your enthusiasm, passion and energy:

Now I am the voice

I will believe, not doubt

I will create, not destroy

I am a force for good

I am a leader

Defy the odds

Set a new standard

Step up!

If you want to be a success and join the ranks of the world’s top network marketers, it’s time to MAKE YOUR MOVE! Put up or shut up.

top network markters tipsThose of you who know me know that I don’t like excuses. They are a disease that kills success and when you feel them creeping up you need to take a moment and say your mantra out loud. Use mine or create your own…whatever works for you and makes you feel empowered after saying it.

I became one of the top network marketers in Visalus when I was 100K in debt without a penny to my name and some days the only thing I had left to keep me going was my mantra. If I let the negative thoughts take over, do you think I would be where I am?

Neither do I.