Dealing with naysayersHave you ever had a friend of family member that no matter what you do they can find fault with it? You know, the one who always discourages you rather than encourages you. So how do you deal with these naysayers in your life?

You know that you’re going to find people like this all the time. You’re going to run into the naysayers, the dream stealers – whatever you want to call them, whatever cliché or terminology you want to wrap around it. They’re basically just negative people and they’re just not good, nice people. That’s the way I put it. And you’re going to run into them everywhere.

4 Things You Can Do To Deal With Negative People In Your Life

  1. Don’t let these people get you down. Don’t let negative people take away the dreams you have. You have a dream, you have goals, you have something that you want to aspire to do and you deserve to be successful.
  2. Do not relinquish your power. No one can make you feel anything unless you allow him or her too.
  3. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but you do not have to listen to it! If someone thinks you’re crazy, just realize in the back of your mind that’s it them that’s crazy not you. It’s them that believes that working 40 hours a week for a paycheck is the right thing to do, how crazy it that?!
  4. Every “no” moves you that much closer to a “yes”. If you need to speak to 10 people to get one yes, then realize that each of those 9 people that say no are moving you in the right direction.

“Success is found on the other side of failure. So keep moving!”

Most people, they live their lives without having any dreams, without going after any goals. The fact that you have a dream and a goal really separates is the determining factor to your success. You can do this; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And don’t forget to thank the naysayers. Every time you get a no, say thank you because you are that much closer to a yes!