cooperationHow many times do you see people compete instead of cooperate? Competition suggests there must be a winner and a loser. But in today’s business climate the only way to get ahead to to create a win-win. That’s right everyone should win. It’s been said that if one person loses everyone loses and I agree with this completely.

The best way to grow your network marketing business is to create an environment of collaboration and cooperation. Someone else doesn’t have to lose for you to win!

Below you will find a video I shot when I was at Vitality in Miami in 2012. There were 20,000 people and it was absolutely crazy. I shot a video with one of my best friends Mr. Kyle Pacettie, right before we went on stage.

One of the things we absolutely love is that we didn’t know each other before this company and the interesting dynamics is that I’m not in his team, he’s not in my team. And it’s really exciting because we don’t believe in competition and this is one of the things that we attribute all the success we had in this company to the relationships that we’ve built.

We work together all time. And we have no financial benefit. We just have the common vision of creating the most epic company that’s ever existed and so we support each other in our shared vision.

Instead of having teams that fight and compete, we have teams that will always support each other because that’s the vision we have and the example we lead with. I strong encourage you to have a vision that includes collaboration and cooperation and NOT competition. Don’t just build your team, build a company, build a legacy.

Watch the video to get the full story!

“You were placed on this earth to create, not to compete.” ~Dr. Robert Anthony

Share in the comments below how you feel cooperation has helped you to build a better business.