The Only Reason Why People Say “NO”

man in suit holding sign that says NOAnyone of the top network marketers can give you a novel’s worth of excuses they have heard when being told “NO” over the years. It doesn’t matter if you are with Visalus or any other company…you’ve heard plenty of excuses.

Here’s a good one…

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Success-Killing Lies & Myths We Tell Ourselves

visalusAll of the top network marketers in Visalus will tell you first hand that there is a mile long list of excuses that you will come across on your path to success.

Overcoming objections and myths is going to be the focus of the next three articles on my blog so make sure you are signed up to the email list (up above) to get notified as they come out.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Fail Magnificently

top network marketersFear can be paralyzing but when has it ever truly served you?

Fear is what prevents people from achieving their dreams too often and will NEVER serve you or your goals.

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Go Public With Your Commitments

top network marketersThe top network marketers always talk about goal setting but if you want to hit a goal there is one way I’ve found that increases your chances by at least 75% every time. This always manages to immediately separate the chickens from the people who are committed and ready to follow through:

You need to go public with your goal.

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Three Little Words That Will Explode Your Business

top network marketersIf you ask any of the top network marketers in Visalus, you will often hear us talking about closing our month. What I’m about to tell you will help you make more than you’ve been making in a month…every single week.

The secret is these three little words: FIND YOUR URGENCY!

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