The First Step To Ending Your Struggle In Business

visalusI’m going to be brutally honest with you. I’ve struggled in business my whole entire life…failed at many of them. Actually, I failed at all of them except one: Visalus.

As much as I could say it’s because of the product, I attribute my success to finding and partnering with the right people.

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The Influence of Positive Self-Talk & Having A Mantra

jason7We all need a powerful mantra to live by that helps drive us during the times we aren’t feeling as strong. Every one of the top network marketers that I have personally met will testify to this. Psychology Today and even several peer-reviewed studies have testified to the power of positive self-talk, whether it’s to help you win a race or seize the day.

Saying a few empowering words out loud might not sound like much, but I guarantee you that every one of the world’s biggest success stories have some mantra of their own.

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The Power of Dreams

power of dreamsWe all have dreams but so many underestimate the impact they can have on our success.


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90% of Success Depends On Your Mindset

success formula written on whiteboardSuccess is too often treated as this unattainable and forbidden concept, even for smart, hardworking people. They settle with what they have because of their own limiting beliefs. Whether it’s because they don’t believe they can, they should or that they even deserve to be successful.

You hold yourself back from success with your own limiting beliefs.

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Visalus: Does The System Actually Work?

visalusI can’t believe some people still say this but a common excuse for failure in this business comes from those who convince themselves that the system doesn’t work. You know who I’m talking about…those special people that have a better way that involves throwing huge events every week, mailing out 10,000 postcards and spending $100K in advertising.

…Or at least that’s what they think they need to do to be successful and they are dead wrong!

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