live eventsAs a network marketer you know it is important to get people to attend company events. This is where the magic happens. This is where you and your team can network and gain ideas and insights from leaders in the team that have had great success.

Events are so crucial to the success and the development of your organization – not only for yourself, but for the newest person that’s coming in.

 Here are just a few things you can do to get more people to show up:

  • Create an action plan with your team to connect with their teams
  • Make a list of everyone on your team that you want to see at the event and call them
  • Organize a team conference call to share all the benefits of attending the event
  • Help them to understand how powerful and magical these events can be for growing their business
  • Hold them accountable to getting registered and showing up by staying connected
  • Create a Facebook event and invite them all and keep the momentum going
  • Spend time with as many of them as possible once at the live event


Next time that you have an event coming up into your region be sure to attend as it’s one of the most serious components of your business. It’s what is going to create the longevity and lifeblood that you’re going to need to reach massive success with your business. And you want that to duplicate throughout the organization and throughout the generations of your team to come.

Make sure that for every single event that comes up that you’re huddling your team together. Create an action plan for your team to call into their groups, make sure that you’re expressing the value and the importance of actually getting to the event.
LEVERAGE EVENTS! They’re everything and will determine the success of your business. Really building longevity into your business is leveraging events.

Share in the comments below how attending events has helped you to grow your business.