“I went from $100k in debt, to earning more than $200k a month in less than 2 years”

Jason O’Toole has gone from 6 figures in debt to 6 figures a month in 14 months. 25 months later Jason built a team of over 1.5 Million people spanning 12 countries,  that generated over 25 Million a month in sales.  Jason O’Toole has crossed a billion in sales, created 22 Millionaires and helped over 360 people earn between $8-140K a month. Jason O’Toole is an international speaker who has toured 23 countries and been a keynote speaker in over 300 cities around the world.


Working for a profit is something Jason has been doing since he was 9 years old. Jason did a lip sync “concert” where he had his neighbors pay a quarter to get in and had his brother at 6 years old run the cookie and lemonade stand booth for the upsell!


He was just getting started there. When he was in the 6th grade Jason negotiated to buy at 25% of the price on the box all the outstanding chocolate covered almond boxes the kids didn’t sell during their fundraiser. He then went on to create his own fundraiser to fund his lawn mowing and driveway sweeping business.


Jason made his first million at the age of 27 and since then he has been enjoying life off the script.  Traveling and sharing the spirit of entrepreneurship by mentoring, teaching and helping others to understand the distinction of LIV’ING and designing a life versus letting life happen.


Jason`s philosophy is to enjoy life and you will often hear him saying “it`s not the journey, the venture or even the destination that matters, its how many lives you`ve touched and what you`ve learned along the way.”


Jason brings enthusiasm into everything he does and is known by his friends and family as an “extreme promoter”, always successfully selling every action he does and idea he has.


You can connect with Jason on a daily basis on his Facebook page at the link below.